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What is Blaylock LLC?

Blaylock LLC is an electronics engineering firm focused on helping companies reach their product goals. Our clients are unique, but their problems are not. Frustrations about resources are often associated with changes in business. Unfortunately, new hires can take 6-8 months to become productive which results in an even longer response to challenges.

Blaylock LLC makes engineering accessible by providing experienced services that are ready, relatable, and reliable. We will work independently, or as a supplement to existing teams for as long as we are needed.

What can you expect?

  • Initial discussions are free and private. Request a call.
  • Technical discussions require a Non-Disclosure Agreement. 
  • Work begins after an Engagement Agreement is signed.
  • You retain your IP and all works paid for.
  • Uncompensated, non-compete agreements are not acceptable.
  • We reserve the right to decline engagement at our discretion.
Paul Blaylock Greetings from Evansville

Who is Paul Blaylock?

Paul R. Blaylock is the Owner of Blaylock LLC, an electronics engineering firm in Evansville Indiana. For over 25 years Paul has worked as a professional and contract engineer for clients all over the world. He has several patents to his credit and is a senior member of the IEEE. When not singing with local choirs, Paul and his wife can be found working on their new home in downtown Evansville which houses Paul’s 1971 Fiat, race car memories, and mother-in-law.

More Information:

Public Office: Innovation Pointe, 318 Main St, Evansville, IN 47708

Shipping & Receiving: Blaylock LLC, 209 Oak St. Evansville, Indiana 47713

Contact: +1-812-269-1070