Reliable Engineering

Because robust systems are expensive to make mistakes with.

I’m Paul Blaylock, business owner and electrical engineer. I help companies develop reliable products.

While each of my clients are unique, their frustrations are not. 

If you want to:

  • Mitigate design or development risks
  • Reduce your cost of ownership
  • Leverage Hubzone benefits
  • Proceed with confidence

Then contact me, and we’ll discuss how I can help. 

Paul Blaylock

Some other points to consider:

  • As a small business owner I understand the tradeoffs required for success and can be operationally flexible and professionally supportive.
  • As a consulting engineer I have developed intrinsically safe and rugged products for large and small companies all over the world.
  • I am selective in whom I work with because of availability and IP concerns.
  • I do not sell or develop products which compete with my clients.

So don’t wait to call. There is no obligation.