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We Make Engineering Accessible

Blaylock LLC provides engineering services related to the design, creation, and development of electronic devices and systems. What started as a boutique service for individuals is now an accessible engineering consultancy for companies and individuals alike. Mechanically integrated electronic products are our specialty, and we fully understand the trade-offs required to design and produce them.

CROSS DISCIPLINE: Contract based innovation and engineering experience with a diversity of projects and people.

Project definition and execution, documentation, drafting and management.

Multi-disciplinary coordination with clients, engineers, and support staff.

ENGINEERING: Mechanically integrated, tightly constrained electronic devices, system design, and development.

Analog, Digital, RF, Circuit Design, Simulation, Layout, Production, Assembly, Testing, Programming.

PCB: Altium, Eagle, Circuit Studio, PADS; CAD: Solidworks, Fusion 360, Autocad.

Intrinsically Safe (I.S.) product development, MSHA and UL Regulatory approvals.

COMPUTER SCIENCE: Programming and Testing, application and firmware programming in multiple languages.

Test and production code development, Network support and deployment.

New and legacy equipment support.

Printed Circuit Board
Schematic Capture
Mechanical Drawing
Engine Head Solid Model
Throttle Bracket Solid Model
RF Signal Trace