We Make Engineering Accessible

Blaylock LLC provides engineering services related to the design, creation, and development of electronic devices and systems. What started as a boutique service for individuals is now an accessible engineering consultancy for companies and individuals alike. Mechanically integrated electronic products are our specialty, and we fully understand the trade-offs required to design and produce them.

CROSS DISCIPLINE: Contract based innovation and engineering experience with a diversity of projects and people.

Project definition and execution, documentation, drafting and management.

Multi-disciplinary coordination with clients, engineers, and support staff.

ENGINEERING: Mechanically integrated, tightly constrained electronic devices, system design, and development.

Analog, Digital, RF, Circuit Design, Simulation, Layout, Production, Assembly, Testing, Programming.

PCB: Altium, Eagle, Circuit Studio, PADS; CAD: Solidworks, Fusion 360, Autocad.

Intrinsically Safe (I.S.) product development, MSHA and UL Regulatory approvals.

COMPUTER SCIENCE: Programming and Testing, application and firmware programming in multiple languages.

Test and production code development, Network support and deployment.

New and legacy equipment support.