Before you can measure a thing (All engineers love to measure things), you have to identify it. But this is my reoccurring issue, I often have an identity crisis. I feel like I spend too much time selecting just the right #Tag to garner attention, or summarize a particular technology. And I can’t shake the feeling that no-one uses them anyway. As a specific example; while trying to describe what my I do, I feel that my descriptors are too wordy or not accurate. I suspect that I’m not alone in this struggle for differentiation, and I invite any thoughts on the subject.

I started with #CustomEngineering. But a quick google search turns up a lot of large civil and mechanical firms, that seem unfamiliar. We cover electrical and mechanical engineering; but not civil, and certainly not heavy machinery. On further reflection I’ve decided that almost all engineering is “custom” anyway; Insofar as plans and products are designed to fill specific needs or problems, they are all “Customized”. And when all engineering is custom, none of it is. (Yes, I also like The Incredibles) Similarly #ConsultingEngineering, #InnovationForHire, & #StartupEngineering, don’t feel quite right.

#ContractEngineering is the best I’ve tried so far; We typically bring our experience to bear on problems, and produce works for hire. Our clients retain their IP, and we build up our experience and knowledge which we carry into subsequent projects. However this also feels a little stuffy, lacking the bleeding edge romance of #Innovation, or #TechnologyEvangelist.

What do you think?