Unlock Your Power

Energy motivates change as it moves between things

Power is the rate at which the movement occurs

Paul Blaylock

I’m Paul Blaylock, owner and electrical engineer of Blaylock LLC, a technology firm focused on working with companies to unlock their power.

I help people understand, develop, and apply technology, so that employees can concentrate on what they do best, and companies can reach their product goals.

My work usually takes the form of general consulting, feasibility research, or design development.

Over the years, I’ve seen companies that lack the power to design new products or can’t adapt because they are tied to aging technology. Some try to dump bad ideas on good markets, while others create good solutions but are too slow to capture their market share.

My clients are unique, but often come to me with common frustrations:

  • They feel constrained by technical requirements outside of their expertise.
  • They struggle with how long it takes new hires to be productive.
  • They feel trapped by the need for timely solutions.

If these issues are familiar to you, then contact me and see if I can help. We’ll start with a discussion about your goals, needs, and timeline, and then decide together if we have a good fit, or not. All correspondence is confidential.

Opening locks requires a unique application of precise forces, this is what I do best.
If you want the best for your business, then I want Blaylock LLC to be your Midwest engineering partner.

+Paul Blaylock

  • Consummate Professional

    "Paul is a consummate professional and a highly qualified electrical engineer. He excels in communicating complex ideas in relatable terms. If you're looking for a little or (a lot) of help in making your electronic idea a reality, Blaylock LLC is your go-to!"

    Lora B.
    Lora B. Office Administrator, First Presbyterian Church
  • On A Tight Schedule

    "My company needed an add-on board to help a well-established product meet new standards. I could handle the software work, but creating a professional PCBA design would require some help. That is where Paul was a godsend. He was able to take my requirements, produce a working design, build and test the prototypes, and create production documentation to meet some tight schedules."

    Dan D.
    Dan D. Dresselhaus Consulting
  • Marathon Controller

    "The Shell Eco Marathon requires teams to design and build their own electric motor controller for the car. We were having some issues with our motor controller that Paul was able to help us out with. The newly designed controller helped us win the North American Shell Eco Marathon, set a new record of efficiency, and qualified us to go to the World Shell Eco Marathon where we finished 6th. Designing and building a motor controller is a difficult task, most teams can't get past that hurdle and if they do, they tend to have many failures during the competition. Our motor controller worked flawlessly and I am sure that was due to the assistance was got from Paul."

    Gene Y.
    Gene Y. Mater Dei High School Supermilage Team Mentor
  • Dedication

    "I have worked with Paul for over 15 years. He takes ownership and pursues his projects with a passion and dedication that is admirable. He brings a creative perspective and unique viewpoint to the table that inspires others to think about their problems in new ways. I look forward to continuing our working relationship on future projects."

    Jeremy A.
    Jeremy A. Chief Investment Officer, Daylight Capital, LLC
  • Wrapped up another one

    "We just wrapped up another one. By working with Blaylock LLC, we were able to reduce our costs, and improve our vehicle wiring. The new designs are more consistent to build, simpler to work with, and easier to customize."

    Todd J.
    Todd J. Owner EVI, LLC
  • Accessible Experience

    "Blaylock LLC is a great resource for any company. I've enjoyed working with Paul, and will call on him again."

    Greg H.
    Greg H. Engineer / Principal for Envolve Engineering
  • Easy To Understand

    "As an OSHA Authorized instructor, I have to present on a variety of topics. One topic that seemed tougher than most was electrical. Thank goodness for Paul. He was kind enough to provide a basic foundation of knowledge that made the topic so much clearer. His teaching style is easy to understand and he is able to curtail his content to meet the needs of his client. I will be calling on Paul again and am very thankful for his time and attention."

    Jill M.
    Jill M. Co-Owner JC Michaelson Consulting, LLC
  • Life Critical

    "Designing life critical products that are simultaneously profitable, functional, and approvable is not an easy task, but Paul has the right mix of technical mastery and commitment to make it happen. Over the last 15 years, Paul has worked with me on multiple government approved safety products. I look forward to doing so again."

    Aric P.
    Aric P. Founder & CEO Quarion Technology, Inc.
  • Like A Rock Star

    "Paul was of tremendous help to my business recently. We are OSHA instructors who needed some help with a specific module concerning electric safety. He took the time to review some fundamentals and provided examples and talking points for us. He presented everything in such a way that I was comfortable asking questions and interjecting my own thoughts. Because of his impressive teaching...and patience...we were able to confidently cover the module during the OSHA class and accurately field questions from our students. In short, Paul made us look like rock stars."

    April N.
    April N. Co-Owner JC Michaelson Consulting, LLC